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Little Red Riding Hood (2014)

Roots - A Tangled History bild_ny

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NOVEMBER 22 2014 - FEBRUARY 3 2019

Roots - a tangled history

a dark story of gender & power, identity & history

Why are women barely visible in traditional historiography? Our answer to that question is partly, the exhibition ROOTS – A Tangled History. A dark story about power and gender, history and identity.

ROOTS focuses on power and influence over the writing of history and explores the roots of the old ideas, norms and structures that determine women’s and men’s life choices and opportunities even today.

Photo: Malin Grönborg

ROOTS is more than an exhibition. It is a multi-sensory emotional experience; an astounding scenographic meandering wandering over log and stone through the ancient forest of times past, filled with colour, sound, light, image and film. The inhabitants of the forest meet you there, speak with you and with one another. The first person you meet is the Forest Warden and your companion along the way is none other than Little Red Riding Hood herself.

But this is no story for children, quite the opposite. Certain passages could be frightening for children, so young visitors must be 13 years of age or older to enter on their own. Children under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Photo: Malin Grönborg.

From the exhibition: The Child, act 2

​A girl is playing with two dolls

- Shall we play?
- Play, no how stupid is that, I'd rather go out.
- Go out? Are you mad? A woman's place is in the home, you know that.
But in the past women used to go out, actually.
- Yes, but in the past people were uneducated.
- Maybe, but I want to go out and get a job.
- A job? You can't.
- Yes I can.
- Neh. Because you haven't got an education.
- OK, let me get an education then.
- Neh. Because that's not possible for us. Because we're not considered full adults.
- What? Oh, that makes me so angry! Oh, we must do something!
- Neh. We can't.
- Oh, why?
- Because we don't have the right to vote.
- Well I want the right to vote then!
- Hang on? How would that work? You're not even considered a full adult.
- Oooh!
- What's the matter? Come on, let's do a bit of embroidery. Or would you rather crochet?
- Oooh, I can't breathe.
- Hello?

"Historiography is unfair. Most people who lived will not be included. Most of the things people have done, thought, felt and believed will be forgotten."

AnnaSara Hammar, Historian Umeå University


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