Cook Anna Modig by Granbergskojan, Överkalix. About 1950. Photo: Skog- och samemuseet Photo archive

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Book cover "Cooks"

Book cover "Cooks"

MARCH 11 - NOVEMBER 4 2023



Did you know that in the 1940s, 6000 young women were working as cooks in the forest industry in the North of Sweden?

That so many women worked in the forest industry is unique.
What was it like for them, living and working in remote bunkhouses out in the woods?

This exhibition is about the cooks’ perspective on forest industry history. Come and explore a special time in the history of the Swedish woods, now seen through new eyes.

Gruppfoto på nio kockor utomhus vid en husvägg.

Course for training of Cooks in 1939, Kronobäckskojan, Storuman. Photo: Storuman Municipality Photo archive.

Cooks is produced by The Museum of Women’s History, and based on the book “Kockor – Skogsbrukets glömda hjältar” (by Iréne Gustafson, Amanda Löfdahl, Anna-Maria Rautio, Alexander Öbom and Lars Östlund). The book is published by SLU and The Forest and Saami Museum in Lycksele. We want to give a huge thanks to all the cooks who were interviewed for the book, sharing their experiences and knowledge. This exhibition is for you!