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NOVEMBER 9 2019 - AUGUST 29 2020 

100% fight

- A History of Sweden

100% Fight – A History of Sweden is an exhibition that shows how society can be changed by rights movements. It tells the story of people who have fought for their own rights, as well as the rights of others. Fought for the right to live and love on equal terms.

Pressphoto from the exhibition of a wall with a red grid with photos.

Sweden is not, and has never been, a land of only one culture or language. This exhibition is about diversity and differences, but also about community and things we have in common. The rights movements have dealt with personal issues as well as democratic issues such as suffrage, equal pay and education. They have been about the right to feel safe, body autonomy and being able to use your own language.


"Sweden is not, and has never been, a land of only one culture or language"


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