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Illustration: Sara Teleman

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MARCH 7 2020 - MARCH 8 2021

Votes For Women

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of when women in Sweden could vote in parliamentary elections for the first time. In the exhibition Votes for Women, Sara Teleman tells a history of women’s suffrage through text and illustrations, with equal parts humor and seriousness.

In the late 1800s, many women had never considered that they should have the right to vote.
For hundreds of years, women had not been allowed to make their own decisions.
They were not legally considered adults. Men decided most things in society.

Illustration på Elin Wägner framför en stapel av pärmar med underskifter för kvinnors rösträtt.

Elin Wägner in front of the 351,454 signatures collected to support women´s right to vote


This exhibition takes us through a range of humoristic portraits of people who fought for women’s suffrage, in Sweden and globally. Meet Betty Pettersson, the first woman in Sweden with a university degree. Or Emilie Rathou, the first woman in Sweden to publicly speak on the matter of women’s right to vote. And Kata Dahlström, the most popular speaker of the labour movement, along with many others. Together they created the movement which enabled women to vote in the election of 1921.

Illustration of Kata Dahlström (1858-1923)

Illustration of Kata Dahlström (1858-1923)


The exhibition Votes for Women is produced by Arbetets museum in collaboration with Sara Teleman. This rendition of Votes for Women is produced by the Museum of Women’s History together with Sara Teleman.

Sara Teleman is an illustrator, journalist, author, editor, teacher and lecturer who holds a position as a professor at Konstfack in Stockholm. She has collaborated on both text and illustrations in several books, where Rösträtt för kvinnor (LL-förlaget 2016) is among the most recent.


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