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Famous Women, photo collage 2015.

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DECEMBER 5 2015 – FEBRUARY 21 2016

Famous women

interpreted by students from midgårdsskolan in umeå

In this exhibition you will meet 17 women from all over the world, from Burma to Mexico, The USA and Pakistan. This exhibition was made by 48 high school students from Midgårdsskolan in Umeå in collaboration with the Museum of Women´s History. We are highlighting famous women from history.

The women in the exhibition have lived and worked in different eras, spanning from the 1600´s to include women who are alive today. Some of the women are recognized in official historiography while some are less known. The students of Midgårdsskolan´s programs for history, photography, graphic communication and filmmaking have researched, written texts and presented the women using photography, posters and film.

"In this exhibition you will meet 17 women from all over the world, from burma to mexico, the usa and Pakistan"


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