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Welcome to the English version of our web

We are delighted to launch the English version of our website! You can read about the Museum, our perspectives, our exhibitions and how to communicate with us.

To enter the english version, you click on "english" in the top right corner when you´re at the front page.

Enjoy and spread the good news!

The Museum of Women´s History discusses perceptions of gender & power, identity & history.
It is a place for action, reaction, laughter and debate. We want to provide new perspectives of the past,
illuminate the present in order to form the future.


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Tisdag 11-17

Onsdag 11-17

Torsdag 11-19

Fredag 11-17

Lördag 11-16

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Kvinnohistoriskt museum
Väven, Storgatan 46a,

901 78 Umeå


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